4 Ways To Bring More Life Into Your Clip Art

If you are reading this post, then your attempts to modify a piece of clip art have most likely failed. Luckily, there are more than several solutions to your problem. First, however, you need to check the format of your image by using the correct software program.

Basically, there are two Clip Art formats to consider – vector and raster. The easiest way to go is to use Adobe Illustrator to edit vector art and Photoshop to edit raster format. When you’re done with it, feel free to find a new look for your clip art. Here are four tricks you can use to
modify your image:

  • Just flip it. Even perfect clip art may get its second life after a simple flip. This can be
    easily done in any graphics software. Be careful with flipping those images that
    contain text, because the modification may lead to the opposite result.
  • Find the right combination. If you have two images that don’t look quite right, try to
    combine them. You will be surprised to receive a smart piece of clip art by mixing the
    elements of both images.
  • Rotate to any angle. Choose the right orientation for your clip art without losing the
    original dimensions. Afterwards, don’t be afraid to create special effects by stretching,
    skewing, and warping your image.
  • Play with color. There are numerous image editing tools that can help you select a
    suitable palette. Be spontaneous while you are making color changes. Choose the
    element to recolor or maybe you decide to make the entire image in color.

There are much more options to make your piece of clip art more attractive for potential readers. Don’t change an image just because you like it; you need to stay objective. Your clip art is there to bring a certain message, so the modifications shouldn’t spoil the overall look of your document. Just keep it in mind before you get down to work!