About ClipArt

Clipart is images (relatively small, as a rule), which are used to better illustrate an idea or a product or
any other medium. This kind of graphic material is very popular and you can see them in commercial
projects, when it is used to draw clients’ attention or promote something. Clipart is used in personal
projects as well, especially when people create their own greeting cards.

Creating clipart, an artist should keep some details in mind. It is necessary to start with some technical
information. Since it is used with other kind of images, it should not destroy the whole composition. In
other words, clipart should have transparent background (the file format must support alpha channel,
which is used for transparency). The best file format for rasterized images with alpha channel is PNG. It
preserves high quality of the source image and supports alpha channel, which makes the final image
easy to use. You can add a new layer with the PNG clipart without worrying about removing anything.
Moreover, PNG supports reach palette of colors, unlike .GIF format (it supports 256 colors only).
However, it is true for rasterized images only. Create rasterized clipart is not a good idea and here is

Clipart should be “versatile” enough. Therefore, a user has to be able to scale it up and down without
quality losses. In this case, vector should be used. To create vector images, you may use Corel Draw or
Adobe Illustrator, or Inkscape (it is free). SVG format is quite popular, especially when it comes to vector
images. Plus, this format is supported by all modern web-browsers, which makes it great for using in

Since we have dealt with the technical side, we need to say a couple of words about clipart style. Again,
clipart is quite simple and it reflects the only one idea. It should not be very complex or have many
details. Another requirement would be absence of ambiguity, so a person who sees it should
understand immediately what clipart means. To sum everything up, creating clipart you should:

  • Use vector where it is possible
  • Use transparency
  • Stay with simple, but informative style
  • Avoid ambiguity

Keep these simple rules in mind and you will create amazing clipart!