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What do you know about clip arts?

Today millions of people are using clip arts for their projects is school or university, for their job or just to put an advertisement in local newspaper.

In general, clip art is a number of graphic elements that is used to create one huge design. Clip art could be made in any graphic format – from small parts of photos to one huge photo. It could be used for decoration in magazines or newspapers or on web sites to show people what they want to buy.

The name of clip art comes from the technology of preparing illustrations for the wall newspapers. People just cut what they need from magazines or other newspapers and put it inside their wall newspaper. Then, when in 1970s people found out the technology of photocomposition, clipart was also used there.
First clip art was made in 1983 for IBM PC (first personal computer of IBM company). The first clip art library was made in 1995 and contained 500 000 pictures there. It was made with the help of the vector art, which is popular today. The open source Openclipart contains hundreds of images made with the vector art.

Today people found the way of earning money with the help of the clip arts. In early times, they could download their images on the drive and sold it. You do not need to be a professional photographer; you just need a good camera. You could take photos of everything that you want. If you collect 1000 images or more, you can download it on the drive. However, today it’s hard to earn a lot of money by selling
pictures from countries like Ukraine, Belarus or Russia because most of the pictures came from the USA photographers, who could sold their photos for the clip art sites or some publishing offices. They do not need other photos, because they already have what they need.

There are many clip art libraries with millions of images on different topics: Christmas, New Year and Easter. It could be something that is connected to the specific topic: school, university, job, nature, sport, literature, music etc. It could be like photo in frame or just like background, so you could make collage on it. Many people think that clip art is just a photo, but it is not 100% true. Clip art could be only a fragment of this photo, without unnecessary details. It could be very important for people who are choosing the right imagine because if they made the wrong choice, it will be ineffectually

Why you should buy exclusive clip arts?

Just think about it: Researches show that about 2  millions of new sites are created every day.It means that more than 14 millions of new sites are appeared every week.But how much of these 14 million you constantly visiting?

I guess, you also have a unique content or special goods but still don’t achieve your goal?Do you want to find out the reason? Let us help you!You will be amazed to find that the only thing you need is a special atmosphere.And don’t be afraid creating special atmosphere is not so difficult as you can see If you use clip arts of course

What is clip art?

Clip art is pre-made images used for illustrating something .The first clip art was born more than 30 years ago. In that times, with no internet, creating illustrations was a real challenge.

That’s why people start to use already made cuts or clips for making their own piece of art.Today clip art as popular as it was many years ago.But now it used mostly in The Net but not a real world.

Despite common stereotypes clip art is something more than just a logo of the header.It’s a character that changes your page into a unique universe. It makes people pore over the site as they usually pore over Harry Potter’s series.

Today more than billions of clips may be download from The Web.The most popular resource is Open Clip Art Library. Here artist put they works for open downloading.It seems to be the best way out but remember such pictures will not stand you out of the crowd and not bond you with the client forever.Remember New Year’s ad of Coca-Cola or Apple’s tapes.We still love it. Don’t hesitate just go through four reasons to choose us and make a decision:

  • -Successful clients
  • -Creative approach
  • -Big experience
  • -Staffs who really in love with their business.

Musical Clipart

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Music related clipart and artwork including fun music designs, music characters and music note pictures. offers the most usable and unique range of clipart based on musical themes. This is a collection of images designed by Music Teachers for Music Teachers. There are also images for music flashcards, plus resources for music teachers like practice charts and incentives

Medical Clipart

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Medical clipart – Free clipart for your personal projects. presents a wide selection of clip art images, pictures and graphics. These products can be used on commercial and personal web sites, presentations, print projects, etc. Besides medical clipart, here you can find animal clip art, baby clip art, holiday clip art, computers, computers, food, animated clip art and much more.

Car Clipart

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The best car clipart catalog, graphics and pictures online.

Car Clip Art .com collection counts more than 20,000 auto clip art. This is the place to find car clip art, web graphics and driving-related images.


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Clip Art Illustrations

We offer a huge selection of professionally designed Clip Art Illustrations. Our Clip Art collection includes people clip art, business clip art, sport clip art, holiday clip art, animal clip art, flower clipart, computer clip art, car clip art and other clip art images.

All Clip Art Illustrations are designed to be used by designers and web developers. Some illustrations are bright colorful while others are black and white. Every Clip Art is available in .PNG format.

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