Clipart 101: Creating Your Own Graphics and Monetizing Them

If you haven’t tried it before now is the right time to get creative. You do not need to be a pro in graphics to generate small simple images for web sites, printed documents, social media and what not.
Unlike fine art illustrations clipart does not require fancy software and you can create entire graphic
collections using simple available computer programs starting with Paint or PowerPoint. Numerous free
clipart tutorials are available online to help turn a rookie designer into a real artist.

Get Creative

Remember that your clipart will only work out right if you love the subject you’re working on and have a
talent. Find a topic you are familiar with because you would have to create a lot of designs with the same
theme. It does not matter if you want to go color or black and white, raster or vector.
Make sure your artwork is unique. For this research the free and licensed clipart. This will help you come up with some ideas of your own. Do not be scared of the competition.

Turn It into a Business

Most of the clipart is royalty free and available for copying. So if you want to be paid for your clipart
collections there are a few ways you can turn a hobby into a business. Check out the most popular clipart ECommerce platforms:

  • Etsy, an amazing online marketplace platform. You can advertise your products for as much as 20
    cents per listing that will be active for 4 months and pay a 3.5% transaction fee for every purchase.
    All transactions go through PayPal.
  • Amazon online store. Issue a CD with your own graphic art illustrations, images, clipart etc. and
    reach out to millions of customers. But the fee is way more significant, $39.99 a month plus
    additional selling fees.
  • PayLoadz, all you need to do is to upload your own art and they will do the rest for you, very
    convenient while still affordable.
  • And the last but not the least is creating your own web site to sell, advertise and promote your art.


Maybe you have never heard about licensing but it is another great way to turn your skills into business.
You keep the rights to your imagery and artwork but give other companies the right to reproduce copies of
your designs.
Every time someone buys a product with your art on it you receive royalties. We wish the best of luck in
your venture and don’t forget to come back to us for more tips and tricks.