Clip art is images used to illustrate any medium. It comes in many forms:
printed and electronic. Today, clip art is used extensively in commercial and
personal projects. However, most clip art today is created and used in an
electronic form. It is generally exclusively of illustrations (created by computer
software or by hand), and does not include stock photography. Since its inception,
сlip art has evolved to include a wide variety of file formats, content, licensing
restrictions, and illustration styles.


The term “clipart” comes from the practice of physically cutting images
from existing printed works for use in other publishing projects. Many clip art
images in this era qualified as line art.

Clip art market is divided in several different ways, including the art
style, the data type, the marketing method, and the delivery medium.
Clip art is divided into two different data types represented by many different file
formats: vector art and bitmap.

File formats

Clip art file formats are divided into 2 different types: vector graphics or
bitmap. Electronic clip art is available in different file formats.

Bitmap file formats are used to describe rectangular images made up of
multicolored or black and white pixels. Bitmap images are always limited in
quality by resolution, which must be fixed at the time the file is created. If the
image is not rectangular, then it is saved on a default background color (usually
white) defined by the smallest bounding rectangle.

Most common webbased file formats such as JPEG,GIF and PNG are
bitmap file formats. The GIF file format is one of the simplest bitmap file
formats, only supporting 256 colors per image. As a result,GIF files can be
extremely small in file size.